NCSAM Giveaway: Win a free phishing simulation for your business!

Do you know how your staff would respond if they were targeted by a phishing scam? We're giving away a 25 seat customized phishing simulation to celebrate National Cyber Security Awareness Month.

 Gray Analytics Free Giveaway Business Phishing Simulation

Your calendar is jam-packed with people to meet, deals to close, and fires to put out. The hours in your day are limited and there’s only so much you can squeeze into your schedule. You’re successfully moving your business forward in your industry and you don’t want anything to derail that.

You keep hearing about cyber security and phishing scams that are a threat to your business. But you don’t know that you can spare any time to drill down to what cybersecurity really means and how it may hurt your company.

You’re worried that the existing cyber security policies in place aren’t doing enough. Even though you’ve hired smart people, you wonder if they can tell the difference between a legitimate email and one from hackers. And your schedule isn’t allowing you enough time to investigate.

You want to know if your company really is at risk and how big that risk really is. You want to know if your employees know what to do when faced with a phishing scam. And you want to know what you can do to make this risk as small as possible.

We’ll help you determine how vulnerable your users are to this inevitable threat. You’ll “phish” your employees and enhance your understanding of their cyber security and phishing awareness. When we’re done, you’ll have created a team that can resist phishing attacks.

As a result of this phishing simulation, you will…

  • Gauge your employee’s cybersecurity and phishing awareness so you know the weaknesses you face.
  • Enable your employees to make smarter cyber security decisions thus reducing your cyber security risks.
  • Create a security-conscious team so your business can keep moving forward with less exposure.

This giveaway includes:

What would you do if you got phished - Gray Analytics

Phishing Simulation Configuration

We’ll work with your existing IT team or email provider to gather the information we need to customize your phishing simulation. You’ll share how your team interacts with online providers and we’ll set up a simulation that is authentic to your company.

Phishing Simulation

Over a specified period, your employees will receive a customized phishing email to test their awareness of cyber hygiene and phishing scams. These emails will reflect the culture of your company. And they will include the latest trends we’ve seen in phishing emails.

Phishing Education

Any employees who are successfully “phished” will be directed to educational training where they can learn about the importance of cyber security, how to avoid falling prey to a phishing scam, and how they are an essential line of defense in your cyber security protocol.

Phishing Overview

After the simulation is completed, you will receive a report featuring information about your employees’ responses, the exposure of your company, and steps that you can take to enhance your cyber security defenses further.

You can finally understand your level of exposure to inevitable phishing scams and have steps that you can take to create a top-notch cyber defense. You can protect your company and we can help. Enter to win a free 25-seat phishing campaign below.

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